Daniel Day Lewis’s Son is a Apparently a Rapper Named Gabe Day

(Source) His name is Gabe Day. And, as this young rapper defiantly tells us, it’s not Gabe Day-Lewis, because if you call him that, he’ll “Gabe Day Lose It.” If you haven’t figured it out yet, Gabe is actually the son of Oscar-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis.

One of the funniest aspects of the Gabe Day persona is the fact that this profanity spewing, aspiring Nas protégé is an undergraduate at Sarah Lawrence College. Sarah Lawrence is a small liberal arts college in New York; it was also originally founded as an all-female institution. We hope that Sarah Lawrence’s dope girl/ boy ratio is worth the $60,000 dollars a year that’s being forked over so Gabe can embrace his musical talent and pursue his major in waking and baking.

Thanksgiving dinner is going to awkward at the Lewis house this year. I can sense Daniel Day Lewis’s disappointment from here, because nobody takes acting more serious than Daniel Day Lewis. Nobody. And I guarantee he wanted his son to become an actor. Probably trained him to become a method actor as a kid. While most kids went out and played basketball on the weekend, Gabe Day was trying to perfect his Brando in The Godfather. So naturally he grew up to be a rapper. I don’t know how great of an artist he is, but his rapper name is awful. Gabe Day? So you took your given name and dropped Lewis. Got it. Plus it sounds really similar to game day or gay day, and I can’t imagine that being a good thing for a rapper. His name might suck, but the kid has “the look”. Grey long sleeve shirt and a backwards hat? That’s as hardcore gangster as it gets.

– Ryan

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