Kanye’s Video for ‘Bound 2’ is Interesting

What the hell is happening in this video? That’s a serious question. I honestly have no idea what’s happening. It starts off with a large raven flying away, then horses stampeding towards the camera, which oddly enough are the most realistic parts of the video.  The rest of the video is just Kanye riding a Vespa with a topless Kim K straddling him with the worst CGI in history as the background. I guess this is art? I’m pretty sure there also having sex on the vespa at some point in this video. Their are just some things you can’t unsee. This is one of them.

– Ryan

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  1. My top reactions:

    1) [Insert double-take here] What?

    2) Siri, where is the nearest bridge?

    3) Which is more terrifying: Kim K or blatantly terrible CGI? Kim K.

    4) Where is Bruce Jenner?

    5) Ellen should have known better.

    • I’m disappointed in Ellen on this one, but a Bruce Jenner cameo would have turned this into the weirdest video in YouTube history. And that’s a good thing.

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