The Title Belt the WWE is Giving the Cy Young Winners is Cooler Than Any Other Sports Trophy


The WWE just making every other sports trophy look stupid. You’re lying to yourself if you say you don’t need this. This is by far the coolest award any human being can be given. A title belt with your face on one side and your team logo on the other. Class on top of class. Just shows you how smart Vinnie Mac is. Basically throwing the old Cy Young trophy under the bus. I wouldn’t be surprised if he challenged Bud Selig to a steel cage match at the Royal Rumble this year. He just gets more unpredictable as the years go on.

As a side note, what are the odds Scherzer and Kershaw ever pitch again? If I ever got a title belt from the WWE for any achievement I’d retire the same day. No Cy Young, MVP or World Series trophy can ever trump the title belt. Game, set, Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

– Ryan

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