If You Hang Out With Bruce Dusting, You Better Be Ready to Marry Him

(Source) “A woman who turned down a marriage proposal  from a well-to-do suitor was shocked when he handed a bill of more than £115,000  for everything he claims to have spent on her.

Single mother Marie Lacombe, 42, from  Melbourne, Australia, says she and 65-year-old Bruce Dusting were never  romantically involved.

But it seems he felt differently about their relationship, claiming she led him on to extract money from him to fund Zumba classes, shopping trips and even cosmetic surgery.

Ms.Lacombe met Mr. Dusting four years ago when  she began teaching him dance. The pair became good friends, with Mr. Dusting  taking her for dinner and visiting her home regularly.

But things between them turned sour when he  asked for her hand in marriage – and she turned him down.

Now he has handed her an itemized bill  outlining every single penny he ever gave her or spent on her behalf, which  amounts to a hefty AU$200,000 (£116,638).”

Bruce Dusting

Poor Bruce. He gives this lady $155,000 of his own money for Zumba and clothes and surgery, and she can’t even give him the common courtesy of her hand in marriage? Appalling. Now he’s sulking on his couch, alone and confused. What did Marie really expect in this situation. A rich old man is giving you endless amounts of money, taking you out to dinner and basically letting you live your dream life. You didn’t think he was going to come back and want something in return. Granted marriage is kind of an odd request, but Bruce Hastings is a man who zeroes in on something and gets it. Except in this case, because now he’s just a sad old man.

– Ryan

P.S. Marie is the worst looking 42 year old on planet Earth.

Marie Lacombe

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  1. Bullshit! She owes him nothing. Just because men give women stuff that most of the time they don’t even need or want does not give you any fucking right to think that you own her.

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