Monster Blog Wednesday – National Anthems

Since Veterans Day just passed, and national anthems are one of the coolest parts of a live game experience, we decided to pick our favorite national anthem rendition at a music or sporting event. The competition is fierce, because many all time greats have sung a live version of the national anthem. Here are our picks..

Nobody, and I mean nobody, has ever looked cooler singing the national anthem than Marvin Gaye. Single handedly made me change my stance on wearing sunglasses indoors. I’ve always hated people who do it, but after watching this, I’m not sure I’ll ever take them off indoors. Marvin had every girl in that place swoonin’ while singing the national anthem. How many artists can say that? Just blowing the roof of the Staples Center. If I made the all star team that year I would’ve made the commissioner cancel the game. No way you follow that performance. Impossible.

– Ryan

It’s Woodstock 1969, and the greatest human to ever pick up a guitar, Jimi Hendrix, is tearing down the house playing the good ol’ Star Spangled Banner. I have always said if I was ever able to go back in time I would like to be at Woodstock, and more specifically during one of Jimi’s sets. The guy was an absolute magician with the strings, not to mention he lights his instrument on fire from time-to-time.


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