On the List of Bad Ideas, Robbing a Professional Axe Throwers Home Is Close to the Top


Generally speaking, breaking and entering isn’t something one should ever do.

That said, if you’re dead set on burglarizing a house, you’d be well-advised to make sure it isn’t currently owned and occupied by a professional ax thrower who goes to sleep with a tomahawk by her bed.

Robin Irvine, a pro ax thrower who lives in Hemet, Calif., taught two men that lesson the hard way early Saturday morning, when they sneaked in through her window while she was sleeping. She woke up when one of the men tried to take the watch off her wrist, and proceeded to scream, startling the men.

She then grabbed her trusty bedside tomahawk, and — wearing only her underwear and a T-shirt — chased both men out of her house. She says she could’ve easily paralyzed one of the men but chose not to, telling the Los Angeles Times it took everything she had not to throw her ax. -HuffPost

WHAT IDIOTS! Burglary 101 right here. Looks like this duo forgot to do their research, or if they did do their research they are horrible at doing research. When it comes to breaking into homes I am no expert, but I would like to think that if I ever hit rock bottom and started robbing homes, I wouldn’t do something like this. “Ok, Matt, probably shouldn’t break into this house. Robin Irvine lives there, and she would carve my ass up with a hatchet if I was to try anything funny.” And that’s it, i’d move onto the next house.

Just to make everything worse one of the guys tries to take the watch off of her wrist? Really? There is nothing else in the house you want more than her watch? That’s just greed and stubbornness right there. Unless the other guy dared him to do it. In that case you snatch that watch right off her wrist, no questions asked. Everyone knows you’re not a man if you turn down a good dare. Although you should probably remove all the hatchets from the room before you do.


Even Burt Maclin knows that.


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