Matt Lauer & Al Roker Are Getting Prostate Exams on Live TV

(Source)Matt Lauer and Al Roker of “The Today  Show” will undergo every man’s least favorite diagnostic medical procedure  Thursday morning — on live television.

As part of a month-long campaign to raise aware of men’s health issues,  Lauer and Roker will have prostate exams on-camera during the show.

The procedure involves a manual digital examination of the prostate gland to  determine whether its size and shape are normal.

It is often part of routine physical checkups for men, though some elect to  bypass it because of the discomfort.

Is this really necessary? I understand your raising awareness for prostate cancer but there has to be other ways of doing it. I don’t wanna see anyone get a prostate exam, especially Matt Lauer and Al Roker. Also, this is the fall of Matt Lauer. Every great American has a rise and fall. He climbed to the top of the ladder at the Today Show, and now the only place he can go is down. First he dresses as Pamela Anderson, now he’s getting his prostate checked on live television. I shutter to think what’s next.

– Ryan

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