Jake Peavy is My Hero

(Source) “Life as a World Series champ is just ducky for Jake Peavy.

The Red Sox pitcher enjoyed his tour of Boston on one of the city’s famed  Duck Boats so much that he bought the amphibious auto right on the spot on  Saturday.

“We did three Patriots (parades), three Red Sox, one Bruins and one Celtics  and this is the first time it’s happened,” Cindy  Brown, a spokesperson for Boston Duck Tours told the Daily News. “It’s very  surprising but it sounds like, given his personality, it’s within him to do  something like that and make purchases that are kind of spontaneous.”

Peavy, 32, made news earlier in the season for another unplanned purchase  when he bought a cigar store Indian during a  trip to San Francisco.

“We went out to San Francisco, and things were just kind of, it wasn’t that  same attitude and the travel had kind of worn us down,” Peavy told Boston.com of  the decision to buy the figurine. “I was walking to the field on the day of my  start and walked past a smoke shop, a tobacco/liquor store. And I’m Indian, my  heritage is American Indian. And I walked by and saw just in the glass window  this fellow looking at me.”


Mike Napoli might have had the best parade day, but Jake Peavy was a close second. Buying the same duck boat that took you around Boston to celebrate a world series title that you just won is a championship caliber move. Maybe not the most practical move but whenever you can get your hands on a vehicle that can drive on pavement and float in water you have to do it. If Boston wins the championship next year Peavy might just buy the entire city a tin of Skoal. Is it April yet?

– Ryan

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