Juan Mendez is Apparently a Big Fan of Hamburgers

(Source) “State police arrested a 33-year-old man who allegedly walked up to a Long Island McDonald’s drive-thru window and threatened to shoot employees unless the worker at the window gave him some hamburgers. 

 Juan Mendez-DePaz allegedly told the worker he had two guns in his vest when he went to the fast-food restaurant in Riverside early Sunday. 

The worker closed the window and called 911.

State troopers responded and confronted Mendez-DePaz in the parking lot. He was still wearing the cowboy hat and black vest described in the McDonald’s worker’s 911 call, police said. 

The suspect displayed a large knife on his hip, and was taken into custody after a brief struggle, state police said. 

Mendez-DePaz was charged with criminal possession of a weapon and first-degree robbery. 

Information on an attorney for him wasn’t immediately available.”


Juan, Juan, Juan. First day of robbery school you go over robbing a McDonalds drive thru on foot. If you’re actually going to try and execute this robbery, a swift plan B should definitely include fleeing the scene in some capacity once they inevitably close the drive thru window and call the police. You’re not winning any humanitarian awards standing in the parking lot with what I have to believe was a beautiful black vest and an enormous knife. Get your shit together, Juan, and next time you’re going to rob a burger joint, pick a respectable establishment that doesn’t put onions on their burgers.

– Ryan

P.S. Information on an attorney for him wasn’t immediately available. You don’t say? You mean to tell me attorney’s aren’t chomping at the bit to represent this guy? Shocking.

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