Mexico City Clowns Outraged That Man Dressed as a Clown Killed a Guy

(Source) “Leaders of clowns gathered for a convention  in Mexico City said Wednesday they are saddened that a killer disguised himself  as a clown to kill a drug lord last week, and insisted no true member of their  profession would have committed the crime.

Convicted drug trafficker Francisco Rafael  Arellano Felix was shot to death Friday in the Baja beach resort of Los Cabos by  a gunman wearing a clown costume, including a wig and a rubber nose.

The dead man was the eldest brother of  Mexico’s once-feared Arellano Felix clan.

Clown leader Tomas Morales, a 21-year veteran of  the trade who goes by the stage name ‘Payaso Llantom,’ said he was certain the  killer was not a professional clown. He said clowns in Mexico, especially in  outlying states, know each other and their costumes and makeup are  individualized and recognizable.

The people who do that, they’re not  clowns. I can swear on my mother’s grave it  wasn’t a clown,’ said  Morales, whose costume includes frizzy blue hair and a  tiny top hat. ‘We are not like that … we are nonviolent.”


The nerve of some people. If you’re going to murder a guy, at least show some respect for the hard working clowns out there and dress as something else. Clowns are a nonviolent people. The only harm they do is creep people out. This setting back clowns hundreds of years. All the work they’ve done to convince kids they’re not killers has been destroyed by one selfish guy. It seems like the killer put a lot of work into this murder. He couldn’t just walk up to a guy and shoot him. He had to go through hours of makeup. Probably took clown classss too. He may be a cold blooded killer, but you have to respect his dedication to the craft of murder.

– Ryan

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