Looks Like I’ll Be Eating Ice Cream All Weekend

(Source) “It’s perhaps the ultimate bar snack – but it  could leave you just as hung-over as the liquid refreshments on offer at your  local pub.

A U.S firm has introduced a range of unique  beer ice creams, and unlike your usual tub of raspberry ripple, cookie dough or  vanilla, they are alcoholic.

The ice cream, called Frozen Pints, comes in  seven different flavours with the strongest having an alcohol level of 3.2 per  cent – the same as a low-point beer.

The new range is the brainchild of Ari  Fleischer, from New York, who says that the idea was born purely out of  accident.

‘We were having a party and a friend brought  over an ice cream maker to make homemade ice cream,’ explained the  29-year-old.

‘But another friend spilled a beer nearby,  and I watched it happen and thought “this is a great idea!”

‘I’m really passionate about craft beer, and  love ice cream, so I picked it up as a hobby and started experimenting with  different flavour combinations.

‘We start with the beer as it is all about  finding the best, most flavourful craft brews – and then build a flavour around  them.”


Who does the marketing for this company, Jesus Christ? Because they are knocking it out of the park. Frozen Pints? Genius. “Have your beer and eat it too”? Double genius. Everybody loves ice cream. Everybody loves beer. Now you’re telling me I can eat a bowl of ice cream and get hammered at the same time? What a beautiful thing. The only thing I’m worried about is once I have these Frozen Pints I’ll probably never want actual bottled beer again. I’ll just be a man with his ice cream beer, ready to conquer the world.

– Ryan

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