Kim and Kanye’s Celebrity Mashup Name – What Should it Be? Give us Your Thoughts!

By now 4/5 of the world are aware that Kim and Kanye are now engaged to be married. I’ve been on record as hating Kanye from time to time, but I’d be lying if this wasn’t my reaction when I heard the news..

There’s only so much hate you can have for two people, and if they want to get married and having little babies named after directions on a map let them do it. Renting out an entire baseball stadium and proposing on the big screen on her birthday while family and friends wait in the wings is also pretty damn cool.


The only question I really have is what is their celebrity mash up name going to be now that they’re getting married? While KimYe is incredibly creative, I was thinking of something that doesn’t just combine Kim’s actual name with the last two letters of Kanye’s. I want something creative, something that shows their unique spirits. Keezus? Kanyashian? I think we can do better. These two down to earth celebrities need our help, so what do you got? Let us know!

– Ryan

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  1. The Dashwestians. An indigenous tribe that cannot dash east. Their kid can dashnorth though.

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