The Bacon Wave is as American as You Can Get

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this thing does nothing to make bacon healthier to eat. You know how to make bacon healthier? Open up the package and throw it into the garbage. Those are the facts. Bacon is terrible for you. Is it the most delicious treat on the planet? Oh hell yeah it is, but it’s probably better for your wellbeing to slam your head into a concrete wall rather than eat bacon all the time. I digress.

I have some marketing/business advice for Bacon Wave. Start selling bacon. Open up a slaughter house, steal some pigs, do what you gotta do, because the only thing this infomercial made me want to do was stuff my face with greasy bacon.

Gotta go. I don’t have any bacon in the house. Next stop, the supermarket.


PS- I recently had chocolate covered bacon at a country faire and guess what, it was incredible.

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