This is How You Get Divorced

If I ever get divorced, this is EXACTLY how I’m handling things. Even if I’m happily married I might get divorced just to be as cool as this guy. This video may only be 17 seconds long but his wife seems a little ungrateful to me. The guy obviously has some serious talent*. He’s living his dream. If I could quote Chris Martin, “nobody said it was easy”. You think Kanye, or Biggie, or Mark Wahlberg rose to fame overnight? Hell no they didn’t. They busted their ass for years. Fame and fortune doesn’t sit on the curb waiting to be picked up. It dances with the daring. And if this anonymous man isn’t daring, then I don’t know who is.

– Ryan

* He should probably find a day job.

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  1. If 2 Chainz has taught me anything it’s that anyone can be a rapper. This guy at least has good rhythm. And the good lord knows he’s probably a terrific dancer.

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