Cam Zink (awesome name) with Your Average 78 Foot Backflip on a Mountain Bike

These Red Bull athletes are insane. Just riding a mountain bike through the desert, doing backflips 80 feet in the air. As a 25 year old who can barely ride a bike, I give these guys a lot of credit, which I think is better than praise coming from their peers. I’m sure all these extreme athletes theoretically blow each other everyday, telling each other how good they are. Praise from the outside world is probably gold to them. Cam Zink deserves my golden praise. Awesome name, awesome trick. By the way who ever did that commentary needs a job hosting something that people watch ASAP.

– Ryan

P.S. Every time I see an extended video of the desert I think of Breaking Bad and a cloud of sadness engulfs me.

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  1. “He’s lost…he’s lost in a sea of emotion” has got to be the best commentary I’ve ever heard.

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