If You Cut Off Traffic On Your Motorcycle Shia LaBeouf Will Stare Into Your Soul

You know what? I’m glad Shia LaBeouf stole this girl’s soul from her. People on bikes thinks they rule the road, and just because they’re bike is small enough to create a middle lane they think they can skip out on traffic. Because everyone else in a car or truck is having the time of their lives sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. Whenever I’m in heavy traffic I can’t wait to get home and call my parents to tell them about what an enjoyable experience it was. If I’m being honest, watching someone skip out on that traffic and zoom by me in the middle lane makes it that much worse. At least I can look over at the car next to me and know that that person is just as miserable as me.

After watching this video, I just feel bad for people who use this move now. I’m 99% sure Shia knows all this girl’s secrets and desires. All her wants and needs are now apart of him, and he owns her soul. If you think you’re gonna zip through traffic repercussion free while Shia LaBeouf is around you’re wrong. Dead wrong.

– Ryan

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