Sammee Matthews Really Likes Doughnuts

(Source) “Obese Sammee Matthews has a condition which makes her so turned on by food she even scoffs doughnuts during sex.

Twenty eight stone Sammee was diagnosed with sitophilia – an erotic obsession with food – in her case cakes and sweets.

The mum-of-two from Las Vegas, USA, says just the sight of a bakery is enough to send her weak at the knees and out of breath.

And her sexual fixation on sponge cake has contributed to weight gain which saw her tip the scales at 32 stone.

Sammee’s story can be seen in Fat for Cash on Channel 5 at 9pm on Wednesday as part of Supersize Season.”

I’d consider myself someone who likes doughnuts. I’ll go to the bakery now and again to get a brownie or two. Not Sammee Matthews. She’s got an erotic obsession with dessert. This is a tough one for me. On the one hand, is this where we are as a society? We can’t just say Sammee is enormous and clearly has a problem controlling how much she eats. Nope. She has a disorder which forces her to eat cakes and cookies. Newsflash Sammee: it’s called gluttony. Don’t make excuses.

On the other hand, I kind of understand where she’s coming from.  Everyone would love to eat a brownie or a piece of chocolate cake during sex right? It’s the American dream. Sammee is giving us all hope that this might one day be the norm. Kind of a like a real life George Costanza. Just don’t fly too close to the sun on the wings of pastrami.

– Ryan


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