Miley Cyrus Has Found Her Savior

Miley’s second stint as host of SNL was a success in my eyes (review coming tomorrow), and her two musical performances were effective, yet surprisingly subtle. After her outrageous performance at the VMAs, many people thought Miley was going to make a fool out of herself again on live TV. Instead, Miley toned down her act, and instead of feeling herself up.with a foam finger, she showcased her great vocal talent. She performed “Wrecking Ball”, her newest single, earlier in the show, and followed that up with a very cool acoustic version of “We Can’t Stop” (video above). Why did Miley act like such an ass on MTV yet so classy on SNL? The easy answer would be that she has more respect for SNL, because the VMAs are the trashiest award show of all time. But after doing a little bit of research, I found a different reason. Two words: midget. guitarist.

There are two things I know to be true: 1. George Clooney is a God amongst men and 2. Midget guitarists are soul soothers. You don’t act up when a midget guitarist is around. You just don’t.

– Ryan

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