Monster Blog Wednesday: Our Favorite Moments From Breaking Bad

Yes, Breaking Bad is over, but let’s not think about what is gone, instead let’s think about what was left behind. Here are our favorite moments from the series.

Walter’s Business Meeting With Tuco

This is the first time that you see Heisenberg come to physical form. Love how he walks into the lions den and demands, not asks…demands. Using chemistry and science to always have the upper hand is his trademark throughout the series.


Mike Ehrmantraut’s Half Measures Speech

[ “no more half measures Walter” ] Mike was my favorite character on Breaking Bad (RIP), and this was one of his best moments. Walter White has almost fully transformed into Heisenberg, and this speech might have put him over the edge. After the sit down with Mike, Walt kills two rival drug dealers, and saves Jesse’s life in the process.


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  1. The series finale was incredible! Thanks for sharing this post!

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