George Clooney is the Prettiest Girl at the Bar

(Source) “How do you like your eggs, George? A source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly that George Clooney, 52, had a sleepover with Croatian model Monika Jakisic, an on-and-off fling since 2004, at his L.A. mansion on Sept. 25.”



Classic Clooney. Stacy Kiebler wants to go public with her new tech boyfriend? George will just casually have a sleepover with his ex girlfriend, who happens to be one of the hottest woman I’ve ever seen in my life. You don’t play this game with Clooney. His little black book is filled with so many beautiful women it’ll make your head spin. Monika is definitely the hottest girl in Croatia, too. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. Clooney wins again.

– Ryan

P.S. A lot of people say Leo has the best list of women i.e. dating wise. I think Clooney blows him out of the water.

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