FAQ’s About the Government Shutdown as Brought to You By Twitter

Some people, including me, have no idea what the government “shutting down” actually means. But I can defiantly tell you what it doesn’t mean.

As brought to you by Twitter, here are Frequently Asked Questions on the government shutdown.

No, marijuana isn’t legal:

And you still have to pay your taxes:

Murder is still illegal:

You still have school (for those of you in school still)

Yes, you can’t buy guns, but “WTF” to the rest of this…


PS- I can’t hate on that last tweets style. Go big or go butt fuck someone on the moon.

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  1. Its nice seeing additional information about the shutdown out in the bloggin world. Being in the military, I know exactly how this affects me, but for the general public, I feel like they have no clue! No bueno! Thanks for posting!

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