Pam Anderson is Running in the NYC Marathon This Year. In Unrelated News I’ll Be Watching the NYC Marathon This Year

It looks like all of her vigorous workouts for Dancing With The Stars are about to come in handy for Pamela Anderson. The actress who competed on the show twice recently announced that she will be running in the upcoming New York City Marathon! Details inside…

Ok, so she may not have really done much working out during her most recent stint on Dancing With The Stars, as she was eliminated in week one, but that is not stopping Pamela Anderson from taking a shot at the NYC Marathon! “I’m running the New York Marathon this year and raising funds for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization,” the Baywatch beauty tweeted recently. The 46-year-old is hoping to raise at least $500,000 for Haiti relief, claiming she will be running contests as well.

On her fundraising page, Anderson gushes about her love for Haiti, and she has an extensive list of reasons that she wants to help. “Poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere. Just a one-hour flight from Miami. How are we not more involved? Desperate need for things we take for granted – clean water, safe school structures, medical facilities, emergency rooms, reforestation possibilities – conservation, education. Organic products allowed into Free trade market (mangoes, coffee, vanilla, vegetables). The opportunities are endless,” Pamela wrote.”

The marathon takes place on November 3, and will span five boroughs. The J/P Haitian Relief Organization’s goal is to save lives and bring sustainable programs to Haiti, following the earthquake in 2010.

She’s still got it. Talk about going big or going home. Some people just donate the money. Some people run 5K’s. Pamela Anderson runs a goddamn marathon. Brisk 26.2 mile jog. I wouldn’t want to drive 26 miles in my car, never mind run it around New York City. I guess that makes Pam a bigger person than I am. All for the good people of Haiti, too. Honestly all I care about is if the marathon is televised, because if theres one person I wouldn’t mind watching compete in a marathon, it’s Pamela Anderson.


– Ryan

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