Kanye West Reacts to Spoofs Well

I still can’t figure out if Jimmy Kimmel is trolling us again or if Kanye is legitimately upset about this video. The tricky part is both could conceivably be true. Jimmy Kimmel loves to mess around with the internet, and he’s fresh off his fire twerking video that fooled a good amount of people. Kanye West is an asshole, so I could also see him freaking out over a joke. Guy loves fish dicks, it’s just what he does. All I know is capital letters and exclamation point Kanye usually means business. You know it’s real when he spells motherfucker wrong too. Ferocious rage. Time will tell who’s playing who, but my money is on Kimmel.

– Ryan

P.S. The most impressive thing about his entire situation is Kanye’s expertise in photo shop.



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