England Might Have The Greatest Sketch Artists on the Planet

Detectives have released this peculiar composite of the suspect. The man, who is roughly 5 feet, 10 inches tall,  allegedly attacked a woman on Aug. 20.

(Source) “Is this the creepiest facial composite ever?

Cops in England are hunting for a man with a long blond rocker ’do who was  allegedly behind a sex attack.

 The freshly coiffed man allegedly walked up to a woman at her home in  Chelmsford, Essex, on Aug. 20, and said he was there to do work.

She tried to turn him away, but he forced his way inside to assault her.  Terrified, the victim told a friend several days later, and the friend contacted  police.

Officers think his “distinctive curly, blond hair” is real.

The suspect, who is about 5 feet, 10 inches tall, was wearing a red and  white patterned T-shirt and knee-length black and white shorts.”

How happy are Essex cops right now? The sketch artists are basically doing their jobs for them. If you can’t find THIS GUY, you should just stop being a detective. Just look for the fabulous blonde curly hair, or the numerous black pen marks all over his face. The crime rate in Essex must be negative zero when you employ sketch artists like this. Criminals, you’re outta here.

– Ryan

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