I Love Free Pens


I love free pens. Absolutely love them. I honestly think I could survive on going to random events and stocking up on free pens and t-shirts. My job requires a lot of writing, so receiving a new pen that writes smoothly and effortlessly is a really big deal. I’ve gotten a lot of free pens in my day, whether it be from unsuspecting bartenders or company gift bags, but they all pale in comparison to the greatest free pen I’ve ever received.



The Swarovski Crystal pen, a.k.a. the Cadillac of pens. This is as good as it gets for pen lovers. Swarovski swan smack dab in the middle, 100s of tiny crystals at the base, so you know it’s good. Beautiful craftsmanship. Feels like you’re writing on a cloud. Today was a good day.

– Ryan

P.S. I just realized that the title of this post is dangerously close to “I Love Free Penis”. Crisis averted.

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