What the Hell is Happening in England?

In Northampton, England, some psychopath is dressing up as a clown and creeping the fuck out of people. He creeps me out and I’m looking at him through a computer.

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If this guy doesn’t turn into some type of serial killer/animal mutilator then I’ll be shocked. You just don’t stand on street corners with clown makeup on holding balloons staring at people for no reason. This guy has clearly derailed. Obviously the next logical step would be to contact the authorities and at least question this man as to why he’s doing this. Nope. Enter “Boris The Clown Catcher”.

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Let’s get someone who is equally as deranged as the clown and have him take care of it. Did we miss the story where England let all of it’s mental patients free and now they’re basically terrorizing an entire country? Are there no police in Northampton? I’ve never been so confused in my life. All I know is I’d rather eat nails then travel to Northampton.

– Ryan

P.S. I appreciate Boris’ effort but talk about unoriginal. Superman colors? Big time fashion no no.

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