Monsterblog Wednesday – NFL Expansion Teams

Football season is finally in full swing. While we have enough teams in the NFL to fill up a solid day’s worth of football, I’m a firm believer in the saying “you can never have too much of a good thing”. Green Bay has their Packers, New England has their Patriots and San Francisco has their 49ers. What about those poor cities that have no football team to call their own? While we understand every city can’t have a football team, we decided to go ahead and add two must see teams to the NFL roster. North Providence and Block Island, you’re welcome.

North Providence Thundercatz


My team is summed up in one word: intimidation. Is our logo a sabre tooth tiger riding blue lightning? You bet your sweet ass it is. The Thundercatz are gonna outwork you, and they’ll look good doing it. High flying offense, dick crushing defense. Special teams trick plays that’ll blow your ass off. Rhode Island has long deserved a football team, and with my personality and moderate to severe drinking problem, I believe I can give them the team they need.

-ryanfoges (defensive backs coach)

p.s. if you spell Thundercatz with an “s” I’m not sure I want to know you as a person.

Block Island Bandits

blockisland bandits_jpegs

The Block Island Bandits are on this earth for one thing, TO POUND THE ROCK. We are a running based team, and by “running based team”, I mean… we only run the ball. Not a pass formation in the playbook. We have 9 running backs and 4 fullbacks. Our quarterback? Tim Tebow (he won’t be making a single throw, so he might actually work out). As far as our defense goes? Sumo wrestlers up front and Olympic sprinters in the secondary. This shows my coaching style: power up front, but finesse when I need to.

-MattyV [player/coach/owner/promoter]

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