At This Point I Should Have Suspected A Man In Florida Would Beat His Kid, for 40 minutes, to the Beat of “Blurred Lines”

A Florida man is facing charges of felony child abuse after being accused of hitting his daughter for 40 minutes “to the beat” of Robin Thicke’s summer hit “Blurred Lines.”

An Escambia County Sheriff’s report said that a complaint was filed against 40-year-old Steven Grady Fillingim for child abuse after he beat his daughter for being “lazy” and skipping school.

When investigators spoke to the girl on Sunday, she told them that her father hit her on the face with his belt and with his hands because she had not vacuumed bugs that were in the family’s home on Saturday. As part of her punishment, she was made to hold a 20 pound weight in front of her body and then hold an 8 pound weight behind her.

She was also forced to shovel dirt for a period of 90 minutes.

On Thursday, the girl said that her father acted normal when she came home even though she had gotten in trouble for skipping school that day. But at around 9 p.m., he began to lash her with a switch.

She told investigators that he hit her “for approximately 40 minutes using the switch like a whip,” the police report said. “As he was striking [the girl], S/Steven Fillingim played the Robin Thicke song ‘Blurred Lines,’ striking her with the switch to the beat of the music.”

Really Florida? Just when I thought you couldn’t produce anymore “winners” you give us Grady Fillingim. A complete scum bag of a human beings that beat his out daughter for 40 minutes to the tune of Blurred Lines, by Robin Thick  (40 minutes approximately equates to playing it ten times). I love that song, such a jam, but honestly it doesn’t make me want to beat the crap out of kids. It just doesn’t. Now, when I listen to DMX I get a little crazy, sure, but never even close to wanting to hurt an innocent kid. Grady, I really hope you find some guys in prison to return the favor. But instead of “Blurred Lines” ten times, I hope they go with “Stairway to Heaven” ten times. That’s a much longer song.


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