Maybe I’m Late to the Party, But Cody Simpson HAS IT

Here is the video for Cody’s new song, “La Da Dee”. To start off on a high note, this song is the “theme” song of sorts for the sequel to Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. One of the best animated movies I have ever seen, so Cody and this song have that going for it already. Now lets break down the video. Cody walks up to a diner with his Ukulele, yes, a fucking Ukulele. The power instrument to end all power instruments. Just look at that chick working at the diner. You think she would be gushing for a Cody Simpson sitting there playing the xylophone? Hell no. Ukulele for the win. Everyday and twice on Wednesdays.


PS- Is that chick Taylor Swift’s doppelgänger or what?!

PSS- If Cody Simpson exists why does Justin Beiber? You don’t see Cody running around speeding in his ferrari and getting high do you? Get rid of Beiber and crown Cody, king.

PSS- Kid has a great head of hair. I don’t care if that’s weird of me to say, or not.

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