Why It Sucks To Be A Redskin Fan: Guy Loses Bet, Has To Eat Part Of His Beard

I don’t know why this guy bet on the Redskins and I don’t care. All I know is I expected to see someone eat his beard and I was let down. You lost the bet, so now have to deliver on a promise. Those are the rules of betting. If your beard is 3 feet long and you say you’re gonna eat your beard then I expect you to eat at least half of that beard. Who are these guys friends letting him get away with this? If this guy was one of my friends we’d make him shave the whole thing off then eat it piece by piece. Then we’d make a smoothie out of his tears. Tough love is the only love. I’m glad he’s a Redskins fan, because after a showing like that he deserves to suffer for all of eternity.

– Ryan

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