Rob Levine’s New Commercial With His Talking Dog Somehow Makes Me Hate Him More

For those of you outside of the Southern New England area, Rob Levine is an asshole personal injury lawyer. What separates Rob from the other asshole personal injury lawyer’s are his infuriating commercials. The guy calls himself “the heavy hitter”, which is the legal term for stupid douchebag. All of his commercials suck, but this new one with his talking dog takes the cake. Aren’t dogs supposed to make you happy? Like if you put a cute pooch in a commercial people smile and it helps them get through their day. Rob Levine somehow ruined the dog stereotype for me. That’s how much I loathe this man. You better keep hitting the gym Rob, because if I ever see you, I’ll make sure you never do another commercial again.

– Ryan

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  1. If you go to the heavy hitter for any kind of legal advice, I feel bad for your children. and can we all agree that even though Saul Goodman is a scumbag, he’s leaps and bounds a better lawyer than this guy.

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