Tina Fey & Bruce Willis Hosting SNL? Sign Me Up!

“Saturday Night Live” will turn to a familiar face to open its 39th season on NBC: Tina Fey, who will be the guest host for the premiere on Sept. 28.       

On Monday, NBC announced the “SNL” guest lineup for the first three new shows of the fall season, leading off with Ms. Fey, one of the biggest stars the show has produced.       

And the booking for the second week is sure to raise a few eyebrows — and some ratings points: Miley Cyrus, fresh from her much-commented on turn at the MTV Video Music Awards, will double as the guest host and musical guest on Oct. 5.       

A third big name, Bruce Willis, will appear on Oct. 12, his second appearance as host.       

The music acts are also high-profile. Arcade Fire will appear with Ms. Fey in the opener, and Katy Perry is booked on the show with Mr. Willis.       

The choice of Ms. Fey, who starred on “SNL” for a decade, to headline the season premiere means a sure hand will be leading the cast, which is adding a raft of new members this season.


WOOF. Saturday Night Live is back. The show has very rarely disappointed me over the last few years (except you Bieber. Fuck you.). With that said, season 39 is a very big season for Lorne Michaels and company. Three major players are no longer on the active roster (Hader, Sudekis and Armisen are not returning to the show) and it’s lead writer and Weekend Update anchor, Seth Meyers, is leaving for his own late night talk show in October. While I have complete faith in Lorne’s casting, it still doesn’t hurt to stack the deck with some powerhouse hosts early on. Enter Tina Fey. She was one of the funniest actors on the show throughout the 2000s, which is saying something, considering her cast mates (Ferrell, Fallon, Parnell, Poehler, Rudolph). Add in the fact that Arcade Fire is performing and September 28th can’t come soon enough. Still need more? Two weeks later, everybody’s favorite lazy actor Bruce Willis will host the 3rd episode, with Katy Perry and her hall of fame boobs as the musical guest.

– Ryan

P.S. I’m just gonna pretend Miley Cyrus isn’t hosting the second episode. If she sticks her tongue out on that hallowed stage, I will personally drive to NY and kick her twerkin’ ass back to Nashville.

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