David Mangum Has Been Busy Lately

KANSAS CITY — A Missouri man was arraigned Thursday on charges that he recklessly infected a  sexual partner with the virus that causes AIDS, and a prosecutor said he  potentially could have infected 300 more people in two states.

David  Mangum, 37, faces a felony charge in Stoddard County Circuit Court in  southeastern Missouri accusing him of exposing a 29-year-old man to human  immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which causes a life-threatening failure of the  immune system commonly known as AIDS, according to court documents.

As  well, Mangum admitted to having unprotected sex with more than 300 partners in  Missouri and Texas since learning he was HIV positive in 2003, some of whom he  had met through ads on the Craigslist Internet site, the court documents said.

“This situation is a serious public health concern,” Russell Oliver,  Stoddard County prosecuting attorney, said in a statement. “There are  potentially 300 or more unknown victims that have been unknowingly exposed to  HIV in this region. If any of those 300 individuals contracted the virus, all  sexual partners of those victims have potentially been exposed.”

Mangum,  who worked in a grocery store in Dexter, Missouri, was arrested after his former  partner learned in July that he was HIV positive. The man told police that  Mangum had lied about having the virus.

Dexter Police Detective Cory  Mills said Mangum told him he hid his HIV status from sexual partners because he  feared they would reject him.

Mangum was assigned a public defender and  his bail was set $250,000.

So a grocery store worker that looks like this:

Has had sex with 300 people in the last 10 years. 300 is a lot right? Almost seems like an astronomical number to me. Am I doing something wrong? Graduate college, get a respectable job. Apparently I need to let myself go and work at a grocery store. That’s where the actions is. I mean what’re the odds someone who looks like that will have sex with that many people? 0.2%? And of course he just so happens to be HIV positive. Having sex with people when you knowingly have HIV is a pretty horrible thing to do. Wrap it up man. You obviously have this magnetic charm that allows you to have sex with 300 people. Gift and a curse I suppose.

– Ryan

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