Nobody Puts Clint Eastwood In A Corner

(Source) Things just got a little murky in the split between Clint and Dina Eastwood.

The couple split in June after 17 years of marriage, and Dina Eastwood has since been linked with her old college friend Scott Fisher (who played and coached professional basketball in Australia).

Nothing odd about that, except Clint Eastwood has recently been spotted out with Fisher’s ex-wife Erica Tomlinson-Fisher. (Wife Swap, anyone?)

Both Fisher, 50, and Dina Eastwood grew up in Fremont, California. They both attended Mission San Jose High School in Fremont.

On Twitter, Fisher only follows 92 people. Among them are Dina, her daughter Morgan and stepdaughter Francesca Fisher-Eastwood.

When asked for comment by US magazine, Dina Eastwood said, “I am saddened to see photos of Clint with Ms Tomlinson-Fisher. I look forward to new beginnings.”

Later, she did a complete about face, tweeting, “I don’t like reading negative things about Clint. He is a wonderful, good natured, brilliant person. No matter what, I attest to that,” adding, “I usually don’t believe in ‘karma’ for people who target others with evil intentions, but, I sure hope it exists now.”

Former news anchor Dina married the screen legend in 1996 after the couple met during an on-air interview.

Most recently, she and her daughters starred in the reality show “Mrs. Eastwood and Company” (not surprisingly, Clint Eastwood didn’t want a bar of it).

Clint Eastwood has not commented publicly on the split.

Clint Eastwood and ex-wife dating another divorced couple


Hell hath no fury like Clint Eastwood scorned. You wanna start dating your old high school boyfriend? Clint don’t play like that. Because he’s going ex wife hunting too, and judging by the pictures here, Erica has Clint’s wife beat in the looks department. Sun dress gets me 100 out of 100 times. I feel bad for Scott Fisher here. You’re getting Clint’s scraps and he’s taking your wife to the woodshed. Australian football coach is impressive in every other scenario, but you’re in the big leagues now Scott. Clint kills people. For real.

– Ryan

P.S. Clint has to be the best looking 83 year old on the planet. I swear he didn’t age from 65 to now.

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