Is Hiding in a Kmart and Huffing 16 Cans of Air Duster a Wake Up Call?


He told police he’d been “huffin.'” Robert Pry faces commercial burglary, theft, and other charges stemming from analleged inhalants binge. Pry was discovered passed out in the storage room of a Jonesboro, Ark., Kmart on the morning of Sept. 1. The 21-year-old was found “covered in vomit and urine” with 16 empty cans of air duster nearby. When police arrived at the scene, Pry reportedly told officers that he’d hid out in the store until it closed, then found the air duster and “huffed all night long.” As Gawker pointed out, the 16-can binge was preceded by a self-financed inhalants romp at Walmart. Police found several more empty cans of duster in a truck that Pry said he’d borrowed from a friend. The man told police he’d spent $100 on duster at Walmart, and staged the alleged burglary at Kmart after he’d ran out. According to the police, Pry said he was “addicted to huffing.” No kidding.  -Huff Post

So Rob spends a Benjamin on huffers at the local Walmart, inhales all of them, and stumbles over to the Kmart to steal some more. Obviously, he felt hiding out in the store and pissing all over himself was, in the end, a better option than committing to the elaborate heist that i’m sure he had planned out in his head. When he got caught he cried   “addicted to huffing”.



Check out this guy, addicted to huffing!

I like to smell things as much as the next guy, but you don’t see me passed out in the back of a Yankee Candle with piss all over my pants, do you? Get your shit together Robert..if that is your real name!


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