Monster Blog Wednesday: The Hypothetical Dinners to End All Hypothetical Dinners

Here’s the deal – Pick someone (living or dead) that you would like to have dinner with. Where would you go? What would you eat? And what would you talk about? Here’s ours

Chris Farley


Most nights I cook and eat dinner by myself…well, Batman (my cat) eats on the floor next to me, but he isn’t really the chatty type during dinner. So if I had the chance I would invite the great, and always funny, Chris Farley over my house for some BBQ and Brews. Easily my favorite character to ever appear on Saturday Night Live, Farley, captured my attention with his over the top gags and slapstick comedy. I would talk with him about his time on SNL and what it was like to act in movies (Tommy Boy is still my all-time favorite movie). Once we were done with dinner we’d hit the town and tear apart the local bars. I can’t imagine a better person to party with, and sadly that’s one of the reasons he was taken too soon.


Vince McMahon


Eating is easily one of my favorite things to do. If I ever make the big time, I’d have a half hour web series called Ryan Eats Out ______. My first guest? Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the owner and driving force behind World Wrestling Entertainment (fuck you World Wildlife Fund). As a diehard wrestling fan, their is no other brain I’d rather pick. We’d probably have soup, or something light, and talk about all his memories from a lifetime in the wrasslin’ business. I’ve always wanted the inside scoop on so many inside stories from over the years, and who better to hear them from than Vinnie Mac. After dinner, we’d fly on his private jet to a Monday Night Raw taping, and I’d get to sit with him in the gorilla position and watch the entire show. A boy can dream.

– Ryan

Those are our picks, what are yours? Comment here or Tweet it to us at @AverageNobodies.

– The Nobodies

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  1. I would say Julius Caesar. It’s be fascinating to talk with a military and political genius who shaped an entire empire, practically the world as they knew it back then. It wouldn’t be at a restaurant or anything fancy, just a picnic of sorts on the outskirts of Rome

    • That is a really good one, Erin! I bet Caesar would be fascinating to talk with. It really was a tough decision for us to just pick one each! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. From what my friends know about me, they would think i would go with either Jordan or The Rock. But i think i’m going to go with a curve ball here and say “The Sultan of Swat” himself, Babe Ruth. I would invite him over for a nice spread of select Sausages and Cold Cuts followed by a Keg of his favorite beer. Once we had our meal and brew ski’s id ask the Babe for some pointers on my swing in the backyard and pitch to him like i was Sandy Koufax. He would most likely hit every ball to timbuktu, but id cherish the moment forever.

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