SWEET SUGAR: The NFL and Google are About to Have a Love Child


In the least surprising news of the week, as DirecTV’s rights to the vaunted NFL Sunday Ticket package come close to their 2014 expiration date, rumors of who else may bid for them are starting and Google is right at the top. According toAllThingsD, league officials met with the internet giant today and among many topics, the package of rights to air all of the league’s games to out of market viewers came up. As suggested, the folks in Mountain View (and several other companies we can all think of) can certainly afford the reported $1 billion DirecTV has been paying — and YouTube has already shelled out to stream sports in the USand around the world — but whether or not the NFL would actually sell to them is still in question. -Engadget

From what I am reading on the matter, this is a bit of a long shot. It seems that the NFL will again renew its contract with the satellite company DirectTV in 2014. But imagine, just imagine, what watching the NFL would be like under Google’s control? I’m talking streaming from YouTube, tablets, smartphones, and any other device that can get its grubby little antenna on the internet. This would be a total game changer for the NFL and America. More people around the US would see the games they wanted to see, and for me that means watching my Bucs from RI! Like I said, don’t get your hopes up, because they are probably renewing with DirectTV, but you never know, Google has surprised us before.


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