Is Ben Affleck A Red Sox Jinx?


Ben Affleck is undoubtedly the man. Oscar winning screenwriter and director. Handsome. Big time Red Sox fan. That’s the trifecta in my book. However, he does have one flaw: he was born on August 15th. Since his oscar winning film Good Will Hunting premiered in 1998, the Boston Red Sox are 0-14 on Affleck’s birthday. 14 losses in a row seems like more than just a coincidence to me. I propose one of two things: either Affleck changes his birthday to sometime in the off season or the Red Sox get a scheduled day off every August 15th. It’s hard enough beating professional athletes, they shouldn’t have to deal with this voodoo witchcraft as well.

– Ryan

P.S. What is with the Red Sox and curses. We finally win a few world series’ and now one of our biggest supporters is a curse? Heresy.

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