Apparently Everyone is High on PCP

USA Today puts out a poll: “Would you gain 25 pounds to be debt free?” This is a simple answer… oh hell yes I would! You mean I get to eat uncontrollable amounts of delicious Taco Bell until I no longer have school and credit card debt? (Some of you might be thinking gaining 25 lbs of muscle, but not me) I mean, i’m not even in that bad of debt, but I would do this in a heartbeat.

In a shocking turn of events the poll came back with the majority of people saying “No”.  Are you high? No one said you had to keep the poundage on. Just gain the weight, lose the debt, and go back to throwing up in the bathroom after meals. Either people don’t have any debt, or they have been smoking angel dust.


PS-  I bet Detroit is seriously looking into if this is an actual thing.

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