Troy Walker: Screwjob Or Choke City?

I’m torn on this one. On the one hand that first throw looked pretty good. Judging by his previous perfect throws it probably would’ve been a strike, he gets a 300 at a charity bowling event, and no one ever knows he existed. Instead, fate intervened in the form of a premature pinsetter. My question is does this count as choking? Technically he got another chance for a perfect score. He had to absolutely lose it on the inside when only 7 pins went down. Went home and drank a bottle of whiskey and broke every mirror in his house. Guy’s who throw 297’s at charity bowling events literally live for that shit, especially the one’s who show no emotion. If that was me I’d be screaming and yelling, getting the crowd into it. Where’s your showmanship Troy? On second thought I’m glad you didn’t get a perfect score you snob. I hope the number 297 haunts you for the rest of your days.

– Ryan

P.S. Hey Troy, who do you think you are?! I am! Get it right!

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