Groby The Two Legged Chihuahua Is My Soup Snake

“It was just another day in a quiet Los Angeles suburb when a horrifying discovery was made. One of the neighbors had just lost her house. The interior was absolutely destroyed and smelled of filth and decay. Among the wreckage was 40 dogs. No one had even known the dogs were in the house. The neighbors had never seen any of the animals — because the animals had never been allowed outside. Nor had they ever received medical treatment, socialization, or any of the other things most dogs need to live happy, fulfilled lives. They were sick, unkempt, and fearful. Even worse, the dogs were not spayed or neutered, and there were not only puppies, but dogs pregnant with yet more litters. Because the dogs had lived unfixed in isolation, they had bred with one another, causing various birth defects among them. One of those unfortunate puppies is Groby Pedroni. Groby was born without front legs.” –


Such a heartbreaking story, but I’m glad we found some semblance of a silver lining. And that silver lining is now my soup snake. Groby Pedroni (awesome chihuahuah name) has stole my heart and I don’t care who knows it. More style with those two front wheels that you and I could ever dream about. If your a dog lover such as myself, check out the link at the top of the post. Dogster is doing some truly great things. Don’t forget to give Groby a shoutout on his well deserved Facebook page as well:

– Ryan

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