A 22-Mile Swim Isn’t Enough for “The Shark”

Jim Dreyer (1)A long-distance swimmer who calls himself “The Shark” is ready to jump into Lake St. Clair for a 30-hour, 22-mile dip. If that isn’t enough, Jim Dreyer plans to haul dinghies filled with 2,000 pounds of bricks. The 49-year-old has made direct crossings of each of the five Great Lakes. He plans to begin his latest swim Monday from a spot near Algonac, and it’ll end Tuesday at Detroit’s Belle Isle. And he’s doing it without a support boat. One of the dinghies is equipped with a radar target so Dreyer will show up on radar screens of passing freighters. He has to feed himself and won’t leave the water until coming ashore in Detroit.

Dreyer is trying to raise money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity. – NBC25

2,000 pounds of bricks? You don’t say? I guess a man who calls himself “The Shark” has to up the ante when a 22-mile swim just isn’t enough for him.  To add to the insanity of swimming across one of the great lakes with no support boat, his destination is Detroit! Who in their right mind makes there final stop the city of Detroit. I can see the finish line now, Jim gets held up at gun point and his bricks get stolen. Two tons of bricks must have a high street value in Detroit about this time. God speed, sir.


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