Things you Should be Sure of #242: Marriage Proposal

David just got his heart ripped from his chest, and it’s his own fault. I have never proposed to anyone (sober at least) so I wouldn’t know exactly what it’s like moments before. What I can say is that when I (or if I) decide to propose, I am going to be damn sure of what the answer is going to be before I do it. It’s not rocket science, you have to know if she’s willing lock it up with you or not. This seems like very elementary intuition, but apparently David wasn’t in the same relationship she was. There is no way you go down on one knee, especially in a public place, without knowing the outcome already. $100 dollars on black? sure why not, but there is no way I gamble on the humiliation this guy is feeling. David, this could have all been avoided if you just read the signs, like that fact that she had absolutely no intention of getting hitched to you. Tough blow man, but it’s your doing.


PS- Hey David, if your ever in Providence, strip club on me.

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