Johnny Football Selling His Johnny Hancock – WHO GIVES A SHIT


BREAKING: NCAA investigating Johnny Manziel for allegedly profiting from autographs. If found that Manziel committed a violation, his eligibility to play this season could be in question. -SportsCenter

So Johnny Football was profiting from his autographs, and his season is in jeopardy because of it? Is this what the NCAA is seriously going to spend there time investigating? I know that this is a rule (a stupid rule), but in reality, who is this hurting? So what you’re saying is that it’s fine that colleges make millions of dollars off of these kids playing football, but they can’t make a little cash on the side for selling their personal brand? That is what they are doing, selling their brand, that they have created, and that people love.  Take Johnny Football here: care-free, fun-loving, and a beast at the game of football.  It’s a brand everyone has come to love, and that’s why he can make money from his autograph.  But, people will still whine that he will be making lots of money in the NFL eventually. To those people I say: “Jelly Much?”.  Stop being jealous of Johnny Manziel, because if you’re good at something you should never do it for free. Hell, if I was him i’d be selling a lot more than autographs, if you know what I mean….ok, too far… i’ll stop there.


Mr. Football, if the NCAA decides to be a bunch of whiny babies and suspend you, please think about joining my flag football team. Just throwing it out there.

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