Tech Tuesday: Keyboards, Mice, and Speakers. OH MY!

Computers are a beautiful thing, but they are only as good as the tools you use to manipulate and interact with them. Here are my pics for best looking, feeling, and sounding peripherals for your desktop or laptop.

1.) M.O.U.S 9 by Mad Catz – $127.99 (
When you first lay eyes on the MOUS9 by Mad Catz you are likely to think that it is more spaceship than mouse for your computer.  This mouse, and the rest of the gaming mice that Mad Catz have to offer, are the most unique pieces of technology i’ve seen in a long time.  Meant to be fully customizable to fit your palm, these mice are the most comfortable I have ever used.  From weight, to length, and all the additional customizable buttons, this mouse was made to be used for long periods of time with little fatigue. While this mouse is primarily aimed at the gaming community I have found it useful while editing video.

2.) Das Keyboard Professional Model for Mac – $130.00 (

Next on my list is the Texas based keyboard company, Das Keyboard.  The one word to describe this companies line of keyboards? FEEDBACK. The single most important word when it comes to describing a keyboards feel.  When I first bought my iMac I could not stand the, basically zero, feedback of the Mac keyboards.  It did nothing for me when I wanted to type long scripts and blog posts.  But then came along Das Keyboard.  The keyboards with buttons that practically push you back! The springy feel and loud clicking sounds will surely give your fingers something to be excited about.

PS- Like the feedback but with no loud clicking noises? Das Keyboard makes silent boards as well!

3.) M-Audio Studiophile AV30 Professional Reference Speakers – $79.00 (


I have just recently made the switch from my onboard speakers to these bad boys.  I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner! These are great studio monitors on the cheap.  $80 gets you two great sounding, self powered, speakers that have a built in Auxiliary and headphone plugs right in the front of the left monitor.  They pumped out big sound from a small frame, and look great on any desk.




PS- Bonus pick -Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones – $27.00 (



Great sounding headphones with a long cord.  Not noise canceling, but a great pick for under $30.






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