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This past Saturday I decided to spread my wings and attend the USA vs. Spain International Polo match at the Newport Polo grounds in Newport, RI. I am now a polo person. I truly don’t even know what that means but I will never miss a match again. For starters, the Newport Polo Grounds is private property, which in my mind means only one thing: drinking as much beer as you want without fear of persecution. And boy did we drink a lot of beer. The Busch Light was flowing like wine, and it was delicious. Everyone came out in their favorite sun dresses, yellow and pink shorts, and fancy hats. A woman in front of us brought a picnic basket full of champagne and cheese trays. The couple behind us had crackers, wine and a fully jelly spread. I love professional sports as much as the next gal, but I’ve never experienced such an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere anywhere in my life. During halftime, all the fans are invited onto the field, alcoholic beverage in hand, to fix the divots on the field. Imagine all this, on a gorgeous day in Newport, for only $12. Free parking, tailgate until your head falls off, and bask in the glory of a hundred smokeshows with those big, flowy hats. If you’ve never attended a match, you owe it yourself to clear your Saturday schedule and get weird in the classiest way possible.

– Ryan

P.S. I still don’t know any of the rules or how a team wins/scores a point. ‘Merica.


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