Breaking Bad Returns For It’s Final Run August 11th

This isn’t exactly breaking news, as rabid fans of the show have known for months that Breaking Bad is returning for it’s final 8 episodes on August 11th. What is semi breaking news, however, is the new series recap mashup that premiered at Comic Con over the weekend. 4 and a half seasons of raw, emotional stories condensed into a 3 minute trailer that will blow your head off. I have loved many a TV show, but very few have had the brutal storylines and brilliant characters that make up the Breaking Bad brand. Something should be said about a TV show that dares to bow out at the top of it’s game (if you don’t think BB is one of the best shows on TV, then you’re wrong. End of discussion). Walter White is simultaneously at the top of his game and yet he’s never been so vulnerable. I don’t know how it’s going to end, but I do know, along with millions of others, that I’ll be watching on August 11th, and for the seven weeks after that. Heisenberg wins again.

– Ryan

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