Arnold and Sly Stealing The Show At Comic Con

Over two decades ago, they were testosterone  fuelled rivals in the Hollywood action hero arena. But after teaming up in two films over the  past couple years, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone have clearly  decided to become a super duo as they reclaim their macho careers. The ageing muscle-men joined forces on the  red carpet at Comic Con in San Diego, California, to promote their upcoming  prison break movie Escape Plan, on Thursday.” – DailyUK




Just a couple of best friends hanging out at Comic Con to promote their new movie. Their is no cooler duo in the world than Arnold and Sly. They have the combined acting talent of a piece of wood, but that didn’t stop them from both becoming incredibly rich, iconic American heroes. One of them was even..wait for it…the fucking governor of California. They’re roided out, they can barely move, but we love them all the same. I feel bad for everyone else at Comic Con this weekend. Once you see the dynamic duo everyone else must seem so boring. Did you beat Drago and save America? Where you an integral part of saving humanity from robots in a post apocalyptic future? Didn’t think so.


P.S. If it cost me $1 million to see Escape Plan my only question would be where do I deliver the money.

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