If The Flo Doesn’t Whip My Ass Into Shape Then Nothing Will

Talk about the ultimate workout. Forget about P90X and Insanity. I think it’s time the world is reintroduced to The Flo. Literally the most grueling workout I’ve ever witnessed. I’m actually surprised YouTube even allows this video to exist, because it should be illegal to be allowed to get into this good of shape. The best thing about The Flo workout is that it also doubles as a do it yourself exercise. Just find any object that is able to hold water and swing it around your head continuously for hours. On a scale of 1-12 how insane are the people in this workout in real life? I say 104. No one in their right mind is volunteering for this video and actually believing that The Flo is going to work. Either way, I’m trying it out. As the saying goes, if The Flo can’t get you into shape, then you’re just a lazy piece of shit.

– Ryan

P.S. We shouldn’t wonder why so many people are obese when this and prancercising were actual workouts in the 90’s.

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