Bill Hader Nominated For Best Supporting Actor Emmy After His Final Season On SNL

What a joyous day. Hader is my favorite cast member for a number of reasons, mainly because of his other wordly versatility. From his iconic Weekend Update character “Stefon” to his impressions of James Carville and Al Pacino, Hader always induced the laughs. He brought you to the edge of the proverbial cliff, and just when you thought you couldn’t laugh any harder, he put it in overdrive. It’s Hader’s second consecutive nomination, and he is still the first male SNL cast member to be nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Emmy since 1983 (Eddie Murphy). Although it’s sad to see him leave the show, it’s always great to see a super talented performer get the respect he deserves.

– Ryan

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  1. Do you know i’ve never seen this video until now….what the hell was I thinking.

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